Nov 28th 2017

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the delay on posting. I couldn't get good enough service to post all this data at camp. Well, it was a tough deer for trophy hunting. We were not sure when the rut had taken place. It now seems that it happened at the beginning of November. It was hard for us to believe as we usually see the most activity mid November.

Talking with other outfitters, this seems to be the case. Hunting this year reminded me of hunting October. We did manage to harvest some nice deer but I have to admit, I was expecting better results. Upside (always have to look at glass half full), we should have some great hunting for next year.

We currently have two hunters in camp (with dad) and it looks like one was harvested today. Grosses around 160 as 10 pointer. I will keep you posted. I will show pics in upcoming days.

Thanks to everyone of came up this year!





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