Bear Hunts


Black bears abound in Saskatchewan's forests. Regions such as ours entail farmland and mature forests have the greatest populations. Caribou Trail Outfitters operates in at least 400 square miles of hunting land in which 30% of the bears are in a color phase (brown, cinnamon, chocolate and blonde) other than black.

Saskatchewan law allows hunters to use bait to entice bears into shooting range. Caribou Trail Outfitters puts hunters onto active bait(s) which enables them to see multiple bears. This allows hunters to be selective on the trophy that we want to harvest.

The season starts mid May when bears are hungry after hibernation. The coats are in great shape before the mosquitoes and black flies are out. The evenings are the opportune time to hunt bears leaving the mornings open for fishing or just relaxing.

Bears can reach upwards of 500 pounds spring weight. Usually this will get you into the Boone and Crockett size measurements. Saskatchewan is a one bear tag per client zone. Keep our population mature.


A new, private 4200 sq. ft. lodge is open and ready for business.  Click the 'Lodging' button above for a look at our facilities.


Hunts begin after lunch each day.
The trip to our hunting grounds is 20 - 40 miles down improved logging roads. From the roads clients are either walked, boated, or driven to their stands on ATV's. The stands are either commercial tree stands or ground blinds varying in distance from the bait and tackle being used.

Hunter's are checked upon regularly at a pre-determined point as to not disturb the bait site but to also ensure efficiency if an animal has been harvested.

All capping and hide preparation is taking care of for the taxidermy by Caribou Trail Outfitters.


Items YOU must have...

  • 45 ft. pull rope (do not place plastic tips on the ends)
  • soft bow +/or soft rifle case
  • piss bottle with rope hanging handle (or proper size to fit in backpack)
  • small backpack or fanny pack (soft and pliable with minimum or NO VELCRO)
  • small (mini-maglight) flashlight and spare batteries
  • solid foam seat cushion (poly filler is noisy)
  • safety strap (We have tree stand harness up here but bring your favorite if you like)
  • fixed blade hunting knife (easily accessible if needed)
  • small screw-in gear hooks
  • insulated knee-high rubber boots (great with Thermax socks)
  • thermacell recommended for bug control
  • PEPPER SPRAY - This is highly recommended BUT you need to make sure that the label does not show or recommend its use against humans. Customs Canada will confiscate the pepper spray unless it is clearly labeled for use against dogs and/or bears.


 Hunt costs $3000.00 US plus license and GST


  Click here for firearm forms and all the information needed for proper weapon procedures at the U.S./Canada border.