Whitetail Deer Hunting


Whitetail deer have flourished in the Saskatchewan forests! Three years ago, Saskatchewan deer herds were hit hard by a nasty winter. We lost about 50% of our deer herds. We are now seeing a come back in the number of deer. The benefit to this winter kill or caul as we call it, is that the genetics are stronger than ever. Despite the amount of natural predators (wolves, coyotes, and bears) the whitetail genetics have remained strong producing some of the largest bodied deer in the world. Saskatchewan deer are known for their extreme mass. With the limited hunting pressure (25 to 35 hunters on 108 square miles of land) and our management program, the deer are able to reach to mature ages. We are going to produce some true MONSTERS in the years to come!

Saskatchewan law allows outfitters to use supplemental feeding to entice the deer. This strategy is used to draw the does into an area being hunted by our clients. Being that we hunt the November rut, the cruising bucks are drawn to the feeding does. The does are our bait!


The morning begins early with the clients having a large breakfast and a packed lunch prepared for them before the 20-40 minute drive into the forest.
From the road clients are either walked, or driven into their stands on ATVs. Hunters are checked upon regularly at a predetermined point as to not disturb the bait site but to also ensure efficiency if an animal has been harvested. They are then picked up after legal shooting time to be taken back to the lodge for a large hot dinner.
The Whitetail hunts are started usually on the second week of November and run for 5½ days.


A new, private 4200 sq. ft. lodge is open and ready for business. Click the 'Lodging' button above for a look at our facilities.


...items YOU must have..

  • 30 ft. pull rope (do not place plastic tips on the ends)
  • soft bow +/or soft rifle case
  • piss bottle with rope hanging handle (or proper size to fit in backpack)
  • small backpack or fanny pack (soft and pliable with minimum or NO VELCRO)
  • small (mini-maglight) flashlight and spare batteries
  • solid foam seat cushion (poly filler is noisy)
  • camera with flash (extra film and batteries)
  • safety strap (harness type is highly recommended)
  • small screw-in gear hooks
  • 20 inch by 24 inch (approximate.) piece of fabric, or sheepskin to place on the platform of the stand. It insulates your feet, and silences your small movements.
  • goggles
  • Trail camera for personal use


The 5.5 day hunt is $5200.00 US dollars including G.S.T. (tax)
The cost does  include license and applicable taxes. No trophy fees.

  • Gratuity not included


Click here for new firearm forms and all the information needed for proper weapon procedures at the U.S./Canada border.