About us

Caribou Trail Outfitters (CTO) is celebrating 20 years of operation under the guidance of Mark Schumlick. A family man with 3 boys and a supporting wife, Mark has enjoyed the wilderness since growing up as boy.

Marks father Ron Schumlick has been involved with the company since the beginning. In 2006 Ron adventured out and purchased an area that was neighboring CTO's. This area operated under the name Northern Whitetail Outfitters (NWO). This doubled the hunting area and presented an opportunity to build a lodge. The 4200 sq foot lodge was built in 2007 on private land owed by the camp.

In 2013, both companies decided to work together and implemented a strict trophy management program on the one half of the property. The 4.5 year old minimum age harvest. We want our clients a chance at real trophies. This is the type of deer that you come to Saskatchewan for! In the other area we encourage at least a 3.5 year old and above. Keep posted to see how this works out. Hoping someday to have this a 5.5 year old minimum on the whole camp.